Technical Chamber of Greece

  • Role & Objectives

    The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG) was established in 1923. It is a public legal entity, with elected administration. Its headquarters are in Athens and has branches in 17 geographical regions.

    It aims at developing Science and Technology in sectors related to the disciplines of its members, for the economic, social, and cultural development of the country, in accordance with the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

    The Technical Chamber of Greece is the official adviser of the State. In particular it:

    Studies, on its own initiative or upon request, by itself or in coordination with other scientific institutions, any technical, economic or development matter that is of interest to society. It also expresses official opinion on legislative issues on these matters.

    Advises on issues within its scope, upon request by the competent authorities, or other institutions of the public sector or unions.

    Surveys the activities of its members as well as related construction and other industries, formulating statistical reports and information for the benefit of the state and other institutions.

    Assists in the proper formation and implementation of development projects and the utilisation of natural resources. For the improvement of the quality of life and the protection of the environment, the TCG carries out research and studies as well as guidelines for standards, regulations and contracts.

    Contributes to making programmes on technical education, to developing local research and technology, and to maximising the potential of its members, in accordance with the development needs of the country.

    Informs the public by issuing announcements, publications, etc., on any subject within its scope, in order to render same more easily understood.

    Participates in International Organisations, in Unions and Federations of Engineers, develops relations with similar organisations of other countries and organises conferences, exhibitions and other events to promote its scope.

    Carries out surveys, appraisals, valuations, arbitration on all matters related to the planning and construction of technical works.

  • Administrator


  • Structure


  • Members


    The Technical Chamber of Greece has more than 100.000 members encompassing all the engineering disciplines. The TCG members are enrolled in the TCG Register and are the only ones entitled to practice the engineering profession in Greece.

    A prerequisite for being a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece is to be licensed as a qualified engineer and to be a graduate of engineering schools of Greek Universities, or of equivalent schools abroad.

    The Technical Chamber of Greece is the authorized body to grant work licenses to engineers of all disciplines, graduated in Greece or abroad. The license is awarded after sitting examinations successfully, organized by the TCG. The examinations take place three to four times a year.

    Energy Auditors

    Energy Auditors who are enrolled in the Registry of Energy Auditors, maintained by the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change are enabled to carry out inspections concerning the energy efficiency of the buildings.  The TCG conducts the online national certification examinations for Energy Auditors. The candidates can attend preparation programs offered by the Lifelong- Learning Centers accredited by the Ministry of Environment & Energy.

    The candidates shall initially submit an online application which is subsequently online checked and verified. Then, they select the session in which they want to sit their examinations and come to the Central Office or to the Regional Sections of the TCG on the selected examination date. The examinations results are notified to the candidates within a short period and certificates are issued for those who succeed in the examinations.

    Participation in the TCG Permament Committees

    The TCG looks forward to an increased participation of its members in its work. Indeed, the TCG derives its strength from its members. That is why all the members of the TCG afford the opportunity to submit nomination for membership of the TCG Permanent Committees, responding to calls for nominations published at regular intervals by the TCG. It is worth noting that even though not all the nominees are ultimately selected to participate in the composition of a permanent committee, all of them can still be informed about the activities of the respective committee via e-mail alerts, attend all its sessions and submit proposals and reports, whenever they want.

  • Services to its members

    For the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG), each member is unique. That’s why, it attempts to help all its members fulfill their potential and have a successful career. Meanwhile, all the TCG members bear the same rights and obligations.  In this respect, the TCG provides both personalized and all- inclusive services to its members with a commitment to excellence. The main services provided by the TCG to its members include:

    • Providing counseling and support  regarding any problems they may face in the practice of their profession (compensation, insurance, tax and employment matters)
    • Striving to secure equitable remuneration for the services provided by its members
    • Providing information about the institutional framework of the professional rights of engineers
    • Caring for the continuing education, social security authority  and promotion of  its members
    • Suggesting new fields of employment for young engineers according to the European and International Standards
    • Providing assistance to its members who are interested in practicing the engineering profession abroad, as well as to foreign entities requesting information on the professional rights of Greek engineers and/or on technical issues
    • Publishing on its website all Contest Notices and enhancing, thus, indirectly, engineers’ employment prospects
    • Issuing to its members certificates of confirmation for multiple uses (for example tenders)
    • Checking the authenticity of the certificates of studies, safeguarding, by this way, the authority of its members and the engineering profession generally
    • Retaining correspondence with its Members

    In addition to these, the TCG is the voice of engineers by representing the engineering branch at local, national and international level.  In this regard, it gives experts opinion, either on its own initiative or upon request of the authorities, on Bills introduced in Parliament, regarding insurance, employment and professional matters related to the engineers.   It also cooperates with trade and labour unions of Engineers, as well as with other legal entities representing the scientists, on mapping out policies for the benefit of its members and of the state. Furthermore, TCG representatives at European and International Engineering Associations do their best to defend the interests of the TCG members and of the State.

  • Services to the public


  • Electronic services

    The Technical Chamber of Greece, Technical Advisor to the Hellenic State and representative body of all Greek Qualified Engineers, implemented the building permit[1]electronic issuance system, which allows the electronic submission of permit requests-applications and relevant documentation- by the builder’s architect/ engineer as well as the internal management control and approval of applications by Building Service staff and the immediate notification of the applying engineer.

    This is the first interactive system of its kind in Greece, allowing the Engineers and the Public Administration staff to be linked in real-time.It was introduced based on the provisions of L.4030 / 2011 governing the procedure for issuing  ‘planning permission’ and is an implementation workflow tool with the following features:

    • The system accepts applications for permits and all required documentation, including technical studies, in electronic form.
    • The application is submitted to the appropriate Building Service Office according to the geographical location of the construction site for which permit is requested. Building Service staff members check and record their observations electronically and the applying engineer and citizen/ owner are notified in real time.
    • The permit is issued on the application’s obtaining all required approvals, given the technical studies and additional documentation’s completeness.
    • The entire check process, history of changes and filing are kept electronicallyand are made available to the engineer, the owner, the competent Building Service Office and the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
    • The system also includes a building inspection request capability for the different stages of construction.The request is entered by the supervising engineer and the auditor in charge is drawn randomly, according to the location of the property. The process and the audit findings are available directly to the Building Services and the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
    • Particular attention has been paid to the future provision for forwarding requests to other Agencies and Authorities, not related to Building Services, in order to facilitate searches and obtaining additional approvals where required.

    The system has been tested by engineers and Services Building administrators, in several parts of the country, and has-so far- received excellent response. The Technical Chamber of Greece also created a nationwide network of engineers to support the Building Service administrators, at the initial stages of the system’s operation.

    The use of the e-permit system will limit unnecessary bureaucracy thus responding to requests of Greek Engineers, who for years have been overwhelmed with inefficient and time-consuming procedures when applying for building permits. It will equally free public administrators’ time so that they can concentrate on the essence of their work to better serve the citizen.

    [1] Known, in Greece, as the “Urban Planning Permit”

  • Activities

    International Relations

    Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) has the firm conviction that the Unions and Associations of Engineers around the world could be mutually benefited by their collaboration for common interests.  TCG is a really outward looking organization which fervently endeavors to promote the societal role and authority of the Engineering profession, through its   membership or partnership in numerous organizations, at European or international level. In this context, TCG is represented in the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI) by its National Committee. As the Greece national partner in FEANI, TCG is the only authorized body to award the title of Euro Engineer (Eur Ing) to applicants who submit all the requested documents. In this capacity, TCG also proposes all the engineering programs which fulfill the needed requirements for inclusion in the FEANI Index. This way, TCG facilitates substantially the mobility of Greek Engineers abroad.  Moreover, TCG is a member of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), with the activities of the Permanent Committee of Environment of WFEO being hosted three times in Greece. Since 2009 when TCG acquired membership to the European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC), it has a very active role in the aforementioned organization, as the General Secretary of ECEC has been hosted in TCG headquarters, in Athens, between 2010 and 2012. During the above stated period, TCG has contributed significantly to the European consultation process regarding the Revision of Public Procurements Framework,   the Directive for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (2005/36/EC) and the issuing of the Professional Card for Engineers, the Directive of Services in the internal market (2006/123/EC) e.t.c. Finally, TCG also participates in the activities of other important international organizations whose aims focus on the developmental sustainability, technological progress or engineering education, including the World Energy Council (WEC), the European Society of Engineering Organization (SEFI) and the European Council of Applied Science and Engineering (Euro-CASE).

    Furthermore, TCG, through its membership and active role in international organizations preoccupied with discipline related engineering profession challenges, such as the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), the International Union of Architects (UIA), the European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE), the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE), it caters for the interests of all its members regardless of their specification and expertise.

    As far as its bilateral relations are concerned, TCG has partnership with similar organizations of other countries around the world. TCG has also built a strong relationship with the ArabHellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development. In recent years, TCG has developed cooperation with the Chinese Organization of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), in areas concerning   science, technology, economy and civilization. In the framework of this cooperation, TCG has signed a Memorandum with China Association for the International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP) which is regularly renewed.


    The TCG Library, one of the largest technical libraries of Greece, has been in operation since 1927 aiming at the provision of scientific, technical and professional   information to its members and to any person concerned. In addition, TCG Library supports the documentation, preservation and dissemination of TCG and Greek engineers’ scientific work.

    The Library offers its services on a nationwide basis, as it comprises the Central TCG Library, located in Athens and 17 regional libraries, spread across Greece.  The TCG Union library catalog which is available to both Central and regional sections of TCG Library, provides the facility of online search of all TCG resources and databases (

    The Library material covers subject areas pertaining to the fields of direct interest to the engineers, such as technology and applied sciences, as well as related scientific fields, such as economy, administration, science, education, social sciences e.t.c.

    The collection of the TCG library includes:

    • more than 68.000 books
    • 1500 journal titles
    • all TCG scientific publications(reports, meetings proceedings, journals)
    • publications of International Organizations
    • Greek and European technical legislation record of Greek and International Standards (ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM)
    • Eurocodes

    It is worth noting that many of the aforementioned resources are of great historical social and scientific value requiring their safeguarding and wide dissemination.

    As far as the TCG digital Library is concerned, it contains a rich collection of the aforementioned resources. Furthermore, its material is incorporated in europeana collections (

    Since 2007, TCG Library is a member-library of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Union Catalog (HALUC), via which more than 66.000 registers are searchable and document delivery services are available.

    The Library is open, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. All visitors have the right of interlibrary loan services, whilst remote loan services are provided to engineers.

    Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday : 8.00 -15.00, Monday, Thursday : 8.00 – 20.00, 23-25 Lekka street, 10562 Athens,                             

    The Office Support for the Covenant of Mayors

    The TCG has established the Office Support for the Covenant of Mayors with the purpose of promoting, as a National Coordinator, the adherence of more municipalities to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. The municipalities signing up to the Covenant of Mayors are voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives to their territory. Furthermore, The Office Support for the Covenant of Mayors provides guidance and counseling   to the signatories for the preparation and implementation of the Sustainable Energy Actions Plans (SEAP).  It also helps them to seek potential sources of funding and provides them technical support for the organization of their Local Energy Days. It is worth noting that the knowledge and the experience accumulated by the participation of the TCG, as a National Coordinator, in the European Program of Intelligent Energy Europe has proved to be really valuable for the seamless accomplishment of its obligations under the Covenant of Mayors.

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